AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook

AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook

AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook

AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook 1st Edition This sourcebook provides guidelines for improving the appearance of short- to medium-span bridges. The public is becoming ever more aware of the appearance of bridges and the effects they have in their communities. Every structural decision is an aesthetic decision AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook

If a decision affects the size, shape, color, or surface texture of a visible part of the bridge, it affects how people will feel about the bridge appearing in their community. This document will cover practical, easy-to-apply ideas for design engineers to use in developing elegant designs for the typical bridges on which they work every day.

Table of Contents AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook
1. Why Consider Aesthetics?
2. How to Consider Aesthetics
2.1. Understand the Goals and the Site
2.2. Develop a Design Intention/Vision
2.3. Do a Conceptual Engineering Study
2.4. Proceed to Detailed Analysis and Design

3. Design Guidelines AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook
3.1. Horizontal and Vertical Geometry
3.2. Superstructure Type
3.3. Pier/Support Placement and Span Arrangements
3.4. Abutment Placement and Height
3.5. Superstructure Shape (including parapets, overhangs, and railings)
3.6. Pier Shape
3.7. Abutment Shape
3.8. Color
3.9. Texture, Ornamentation, and Details
3.10. Lighting, Signing, and Landscaping

4. Background Information AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook
4.1. Fundamentals
4.1.1. Visual Characterstics
4.1.2. Visual Qualities
4.2. Context Sensitive Design/Context Sensitive Solutions and How to
Achieve Them
4.3. Community and Stakeholder Involvement
4.4. Practical Tips When Historic Bridges or Historic Settings are Involved .
4.5. Working with Architects, Landscape Architects, and Artists
4.6. Bridge Aesthetics and Cost

5. Example Bridges
5.1. Genessee Mountain Interchange (1972)
5.2. NB81 Connector over I-35 (2007)
5.3. Loop 340 over I-35 (2007)

6. Bibliography and Resources

Year Published : 2010
Item Pages : 64 Pages
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File Type : PDF File AASHTO Bridge Aesthetics Sourcebook

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