AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines

AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines

AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines

AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines 4th Edition The Highway Drainage Guidelines provides a consolidated overview of highway hydraulic design and discusses possible hydrology problems in the following areas:

AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines :
Hydraulic Considerations in Highway Planning and Location
Erosion and Sediment Control in Highway Construction
Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts
The Legal Aspects of Highway Drainage
Hydraulic Analysis and Design of Open Channels
Hydraulic Analysis for the Location and Design of Bridges
Hydraulic Aspects in Restoration and Upgrading of Highways
Storm Drain Systems
Evaluating Highway Effects on Surface Water Environments
Highways Along Coastal Zones and Lakeshores
Stormwater Management
Training and Career Development of Hydraulics Engineers
Culvert Inspection, Material Selection, and Rehabilitation
Guidelines for Selecting and Utilizing Hydraulics Engineering Consultants

The updated Fourth Edition of AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines is in dual units and, therefore, supersedes all previous versions, both metric and U.S. Customary units, of this title.

AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines, Foreword

The Highway Subcommittee on Design, as part of its charge, prepares and keeps current publications pertaining to principles, methods, and procedures of roadway design, including practices to protect and to enhance the quality of the environment. As the subject of highway drainage is important to many disciplines and many phases of highway engineering, the Subcommittee requested and received approval from the Standing Committee on Highways to establish a task force to prepare needed publications on the subject of highway drainage.

Consequently, the Task Force on Hydrology and Hydraulics was established and first met in February 1970, developed a statement of purpose, and outlined a program of activity. The purpose of the Task Force is to assist the Subcommittee in developing guidelines and in formulating policy for highway disciplines, giving due consideration to safety and the environment.

AASHTO Highway Drainage Guidelines Pursuant to this purpose, the Task Force on Hydrology and Hydraulics began the preparation of guidelines covering topics on major areas of highway hydraulic design. To the extent practicable, each Guideline is a stand-alone volume, but reference to other guidelines in the series is utilized to avoid unnecessary repetition. Since these Guidelines are intended to provide an overview, discussion, and design philosophy for each of the covered topics, technical information is kept to a minimum by making reference to appropriate publications and to the AASHTO Model Drainage Manual which contains recommended design policy, criteria, procedures, aids and example problems.

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