AASHTO Model Drainage Manual

AASHTO Model Drainage Manual

AASHTO Model Drainage Manual

AASHTO Model Drainage Manual 3rd Edition The Model Drainage Manual compiles generic design policies and state-of-the practice design procedures, including example problems, in order to provide a foundation on which any Federal, State, or local agency can produce its own customized drainage policy and procedure manual.

AASHTO Model Drainage Manual Superseding all previous versions, the 2005 Edition of this Manual includes both Microsoft Word files and easily searchable Adobe PDF files for two manuals—one in U.S. Customary units and one in Metric (SI) units.

The AASHTO Task Force on Hydrology and Hydraulics, in cooperation with the FHWA Rural Technical Assistance Program (RTAP), has assisted in writing this AASHTO Model Drainage Manual This comprehensive drainage manual provides guidance on most aspects of highway drainage. Design theories, concepts, manuals, policies and procedures are condensed and written for use by the designer. Where appropriate, relevant existing AASHTO guidelines are given and/or referenced.

The AASHTO Model Drainage Manual has been developed to give the designer a basic working knowledge of hydrology and hydraulics complete with example problems. All basic design elements are included so that the designer can design highway drainage with minimal assistance.

The AASHTO Model Drainage Manual is organized in the following chapters:
(1) Introduction;
(2) Legal Aspects;
(3) Policy;
(4) Documentation;
(5) Planning and Location;
(6) Data Collection;
(7) Hydrology;
(8) Channels;
(9) Culverts;
(10) Bridges;
(11) Energy Dissipators;
(12) Storage Facilities;
(13) Storm Drainage Systems;
(14) Pump Stations;
(15) Surface Water Environment;
(16) Erosion and Sediment Control;
(17) Bank Protection;
(18) Coastal Zone;
(19) Construction;
(20) Maintenance of Drainage Facilities;
(21) Restoration.
The Appendix contains a Glossary. This edition is in customary English units.

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