AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan

AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan

AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan

AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan A Comprehensive Plan to Substantially Reduce Vehicle Related Fatalities and Injuries on the Nation’s Highways. This AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan and the tools developed to facilitate its implementation offer state and local transportation and safety agencies a life-saving blueprint ready for application.

Table of Contents AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan

Section I: The AASHTO Initiative
Moving from Plan to Action
Scope of the Problem
Funding Needs
Funding Requirements and Benefits
Safety Goal

Section II: The Plan Elements
– Part 1: Drivers
Instituting Graduated Licensing for Young Drivers
Ensuring Drivers Are Fully Licensed and Competent
Sustaining Proficiency in Older Drivers
Curbing Aggressive Driving
Reducing Impaired Driving
Keeping Drivers Alert
Increasing Driver Safety Awareness
Increasing Seat Belt Use and Im proving Air Bag Effectiveness

– Part 2: Special Users
Making Walking and Street Crossing Safer
Ensuring Safer Bicycle Travel

– Part 3: Vehicles
Improving Motorcycle Safety and In creasing Motorcycle Awareness
Making Truck Travel Safer
In creasing Safety Enhancements in Vehicles

– Part 4: Highways
Reducing Vehicle Train Crashes
Keeping Vehicles on the Road way
Minimizing the Consequences of Leaving the Road
Improving the Design and Operation of High way Intersections
Reducing Head-On and Across-Median Crashes
Designing Safer Work Zones

– Part 5: Emergency Medical Services
Enhancing Emergency Medical Capabilities to In crease Survivability

– Part 6: Management
Im proving In formation and Decision Support Systems
Creating More Effective Processes and Safety Management Systems

Item Code : AASHTO SHSP-2
ISBN Number : 1-56051-303-9
Item Pages : 40 Pages
Download Type : PDF File, AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan

File Type : PDF File AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan


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