ISO 10015

ISO 10015

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ISO 10015 Quality management – Guidelines for training
ISO 10015:1999 Qualitätsmanagement – Leitfaden für Schulungen
ISO 10015:1999 pdf español Management de la qualité – Lignes directrices pour la formation

1 Scope
2 Normative reference
3 Terms and definitions
4 Guidelines for training
4.1 Training: A four-stage process
4.2 Defining training needs
4.3 Designing and planning training
4.4 Providing for the training
4.5 Evaluating training outcomes
5 Monitoring and improving the training process
5.1 General
5.2 Validation of the training process
Annex A (informative) Tables

ISO 10015 pdf
The Quality management principles underlying the ISO 9000 family of standards (of which the ISO 10000 series
form a part) emphasize the importance of human resource management and the need for appropriate training.
They recognize that customers are likely to both respect and value an organization’s commitment to its human
resources and its ability to demonstrate the strategy used to improve the competence of its personnel.
Personnel at all levels should be trained to meet the organization’s commitment to supply products of a required
quality in a rapidly changing market place where customer requirements and expectations are increasing

This International Standard provides guidelines to assist organizations and their personnel when addressing issues
related to training. It may be applied whenever guidance is required to interpret references to “education“ and
“training“ within the ISO 9000 family of quality assurance and quality management standards. Any references to
“training“ in this document includes all types of education and training.

An organization’s objectives for continual improvement, including the performance of its personnel, might be
affected by a number of internal and external factors including changes in markets, technology, innovation, and the
requirements of customers and other stakeholders. Such changes may require an organization to analyse its
competence-related needs. Figure 1 illustrates how training could be selected as an effective means of addressing
these needs
ISO 10015 pdf

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