ISO 14000 Environmental management

ISO 14000 Environmental management

ISO 14000 Environmental management

ISO 14000 Environmental management ISO 14000 has just launched an updated CD-ROM collection of its ISO 14000 Environmental management standards that includes new or updated standards for use in climate change programmes, environmental labelling, life cycle analysis and environmental communication.

ISO 14000 Environmental management, The features the three ISO 14064 standards for greenhouse gas accounting and verification, as well as the recently published ISO 14065:2007, which provides the requirements for the accreditation of bodies that carry out these activities. These standards will help organizations address climate change and support emissions trading schemes.

The new ISO 14000 Environmental management, includes the latest editions of all 23 standards (plus a draft standard) constituting the ISO 14000 family developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 207, Environmental management.

This collection covers ISO 14000 Environmental management :

environmental aspects in product standards;
product labelling and declarations;
environmental management systems;
auditing environmental and/or quality management systems (standard developed in cooperation with ISO/TC 176, Quality management and quality assurance);
environmental performance evaluation;
life cycle assessment;
environmental communication;
GHG emissions accounting and verification.

The ISO 14000 Environmental management family provides a holistic approach to address the environmental management needs of organizations of all sizes, in public and private sectors. The most well known of these standards, ISO 14000 Environmental management, celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2006. It has become the international benchmark for environmental management systems, implemented in 138 countries, and now thoroughly integrated into the global economy.

Managing and improving environmental performance is now a recognized cornerstone of effective organizational practice alongside the management of quality, security, health and safety issues. The practical tools included in the CD will help businesses to strategically approach environmental management and contribute to sustainable development.

ISO Secretary-General Alan Bryden commented: “Environmental issues and sustainable development are rapidly becoming global priorities affecting all of our activities. Companies have to respond to government regulations, shareholder concerns and customer expectations. This new collection of ISO 14000 standards is a great tool to help organizations in both public and private sectors to get abreast of the latest developments in environmental management in a practical, user friendly way.”

ISO 14000 Environmental management
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