Iso 1999

Iso 1999

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iso 1999 Acoustics – Determination of occupational noise exposure and estimation of noise-induced hearing impairment
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Number of Pages: 17
Edition: 2 (Monolingual)
ICS: 13.140
Status: Published
Stage: 90.92 (2006-09-29)
TC/SC: TC 43/SC 1

Iso 1999 Prescribes a practical relation for these quanitities expressed as A-weighted noise level in dB and duration of exposure within a normal working week (40 hours) and the percentage of personnel that is to be expected to obtain a raised hearing threshold of 25 dB or more as a result of this exposure, averaged from 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz.

Revision information
Revised by: ISO/DIS 1999
Revises: ISO 1999:1975

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