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Iso 2007

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Iso 2007 Enterprise integration – Constructs for enterprise modelling
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Number of Pages: 111
Edition: 1 (Monolingual)
ICS: 25.040.40
Status: Published
Stage: 90.93 (2011-03-21)
TC/SC: TC 184/SC 5

ISO 2007 specifies the characteristics of the core constructs necessary for computer-supported modelling of enterprises conforming to ISO 19439.

ISO 19440:2007 focuses on, but is not restricted to, the computer integration of the information aspects of manufacturing, including the management and control technology and the required human tasks. It does not specify how these core constructs for model-based operations are to be implemented and, in particular, it does not include the control language needed to specify and execute (internal) activity behaviour, nor the mapping between functional operations and capabilities.

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