Iso 3664

Iso 3664

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Iso 3664 Graphic technology and photography – Viewing conditions
General information Iso 3664 pdf
Number of Pages: 34
Edition: 3 (Monolingual)
ICS: 37.100.01; 37.040.01
Status: Published
Stage: 60.60 (2009-04-14)
TC/SC: TC 42

ISO 3664  specifies viewing conditions for images on both reflective and transmissive media, such as prints (both photographic and photomechanical) and transparencies, as well as images displayed in isolation on colour monitors.

ISO 3664:2009 applies in particular to:

critical comparison between transparencies, reflection photographic or photomechanical prints and/or other objects or images;
appraisal of the tone reproduction and colourfulness of prints and transparencies at illumination levels similar to those for practical use, including routine inspection;
critical appraisal of transparencies that are viewed by projection, for comparison with prints, objects or other reproductions; and
appraisal of images on colour monitors that are not viewed in comparison to any form of hardcopy.
ISO 3664:2009 is not applicable to unprinted papers.

Revision information
Revises: ISO 3664:2000

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