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Iso 9

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Iso 9 Information and documentation – Transliteration of Cyrillic characters into Latin characters – Slavic and non-Slavic languages
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Number of Pages: 13
Edition: 2 (Monolingual)
ICS: 01.140.10
Status: Published
Stage: 90.60 (2011-12-17)
TC/SC: TC 46

Iso 9 Cancels and replaces the first edition (1986). Establishes a system for the transliteration into Latin characters of Cyrillic characters constituting the alphabets of Slavic and non-Slavic languages. Table 3 includes in a single sequence, listed in the Cyrillic alphabetic order, the 118 single or diacritic-carrying characters that appear in one or another of the considered alphabets.

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Revises: ISO 9:1986

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